Common Tips for All kinds of Digital Marketing

12: Best 7 Common Tips for All kinds of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is advertising using digital media. Its popularity is increasing day by day. The main reason for this is its easy availability.

Due to the rise of digital marketing – market competition is increasing day by day.

Here are some tips to make marketing strategy more effective.

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How can I get Better at Digital Marketing?

1. Consider Local Time

You need to have an idea of ​​the local time in the area where you will run the marketing campaign. Mid night or office hour- by advertising at these times, you can’t expect good profits.

2. Consider age

Age is an important issue. Understand the type of product – through age filtering – the campaign should run.

Not all products can be sold to people of all ages. So consider the needs of the people, filter the age, run a marketing campaign. This will increase the effectiveness.

3. How do you Get the Right Audience?

  • Facebook- Everyone is gossipy. No one is serious about anything. Everyone has to pass the time.
  • Twitter- People show their personality. Shows his professional activities. Reaction will be less, but view will be more.
  • Instragram- Everyone shows fashion here. Someone may needs to increases their own popularity. Someone comes to sell the product.
  • While YouTube is often used for entertainment, there are many things to learn.
  • Reddit- All types of forum activities are conducted here. Since it is different from the traditional social media, so the user here is very smart.
  • Quora- to get the problem solved- people come here. With a good reply – you can increase your popularity.

What is the type of your product! Is it any software? Or the object of fashion? Or just entertainment?

Consider these things- choose a market platform. If you make a mistake in choosing a platform, marketing will be in vain.

4. Add a Meaningful and Attractive Feature Image

Thumbnail or featured image is the first look of a products.

How effective a website is! People look at the CSS style of the website before the effectiveness. Then look at the backend development features.

Before playing a video on YouTube – people watch thumbnail.

Just to attract – many blog hosting ads feature image – pr0stitute’s picture. But there is no similarity between this product and image.

In this way maybe – some traffic is available more. But these do not work. Because the purpose of that extra traffic was different. Their interest is no longer the same as your product type.

So they cannot be your clients. For that- attractive and meaningful feature image should be given.

5. Use Smart Domain

Never advertise on google form or fan page. Buy a professional and smart domain name and then promote it.

It will look very professional.

6. Use UI / UX Design

  • Webpage should not be too big.
  • Load time should not be too much.
  • Must be mobile responsive design.
  • Content must be clean.

By fulfilling all these conditions, create a product description. Then promote it.

7. Collect Users Info

When you advertise on social media or any other media, there will be a target so that long time communication with the users.

  • You can bring the user under the messenger bot.
  • By giving something free – you can collect his contact information such as email, phone number.
  • Newsleter can be interested in.

If you create a means of communication with him in this way, you will not need extra money for marketing later.

You can contact them directly.

8. Create Community of Your Own

Instead of always relying on advertising, create your own community.

In places like YouTube, Twitter, DevTo, Quora, Reddit – create your own community.

So on these platforms-

  • Gain loyalty.
  • Promote your own activities.

Because – if you can reace your products to your fan and followers, it will be more effective that paid promotion. Sell will be increase more than 15 times.

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