The Difference Between Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web

The Difference Between Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web

At the very first I want to f**k those guys who make me confused about the surface web, the dark web and deep web by sharing unknown interactive pieces of information on the internet.

Sometimes people make a common mistake that deep web and the dark web is as similar as one. The deep web is a part of the Surface Web and the Dark web.

If you are the total beginner, I just want to simply say that you probably use the deep web in previous but you may not know that it was called the deep web.

The Difference Between Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web

Image source: omanobserver

Have you seen this graph before !! Well. This graph makes me confuse to understand how is it possible that all the internet cover only 4% and the other 96% of the internet we don’t know.
Actually Google also provides a large amount of data on the deep web. Because more than 99% content of google is protected or private that we used daily. So we are already involved with the deep web.
Let me clarify.

What is the Deep web?

In short, the deep web is a part of the internet that is not visible to search engines like google, bing yahoo etc. This part of the internet is private or protected to users.
For example, your email inbox is protected with a username and password. Public can’t access in your inbox directly. This is a part of the deep web.

What kind of works done on the deep web:

  1. Your email conversations
  2. Your social media account
  3. Private bank accounts
  4. Medical reports
  5. Military activities
  6. Researches
  7. Companies private database

And all other legal documents.

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is used to do all about illegal things on internet anonymity.
Dark web doesn’t require that you have to do all the darkness is on the dark web. It totally depends on you what you want to do.
You can store a legal library in the dark web. But because of providing anonymity, the deep web is commonly used to do dark or illegal things as well.

What kind of works done on the Dark web:

  1. Your stolen bank account, credit card info
  2. Stolen passport, Nation certificate
  3. Educational certificate
  4. Spy camera footage
  5. Premium online store account
  6. Murderers for hire
  7. Human tracking info
  8. Body parts
  9. Child Pornography
  10. Illegal drugs and other illegal things

How to access in the Dark Web?

Getting started with the Dark web is as simple as the other normal browser that you are using now. It’s easy to use than you think.

Just download the “Tor browser”, install and open it.

That’s it.

But the only problem is, as you know that all the websites on the dark web can’t index in search engines. So ranking is not possible on the Dark web. So you can find help at forums to find your target category websites easily.

Domain for Dark Web

The Ordinary domains are not allowed in dark web. Ordinary domain means .com .net .org .info .gov etc.

Dark web only allows .onion domain.

Regular browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Opera can’t browse directory this type of domain. You have to choose the Tor Browser to browse .onion domain.

As you know, this type of domain can visit only the Tor browser. But unfortunately, a huge number of people even don’t know the exists of the Tor browser. So you can’t expect more traffic on the Dark web.

How to create a website on the Dark Web?

When you create a site with .onion domain, a domain name will automatically generate for you. This domain length will 16 string with a – z and 2 – 7. Unfortunately, it can’t be shorter and it’s not so easy to remember.

But the advantage is, you don’t need to register ICANN for your domain.

Financial transactions:

All financial transactions are complete with Bitcoin. Bitcoin ensures buyers and sellers all transaction information anonymity. In this type of transaction, all the wallet ID is unique and generates a new ID for every new single transcription. So it’s totally safe to use in an anonymity money transactions.


Dark web ensures that you are your server owner is total anonymity and your information and exists is totally hidden so that people love it.

Keep it in your mind, be safe and enjoy.