Managed Hosting- Advantage, Disadvantage and Key features

Managed Hosting- Advantage, Disadvantage and Key features

In managed hosting, your hosting providers are fully responsible for the day to day management of your hardware and all kinds of software or services of your server.  Before starting managed hosting, Let’s clear about the basic fundamentals of web hosting.

Basic Fundamentals of Web Hosting:

A web hosting is a service that allows you to host any files in your server. Why you need to host! That’s because you need to know how the internet works.
Every single computer, mobile or any electric device that has an internet connection is connected with a COMMON wired or wireless connection.
After you host a file in your server or your personal computer and you permit to browse those files in public, anyone can access and view, edit or modify it within your access limit.
A personal computer can’t run 24×7 in 365 days as well. That’s why we choose a supercomputer or server to serve them and confirm almost 100% uptime guaranty.

This is a part of the managed hosting service agreement that allows you to create requests within your demands and requirements.

Who choose Managed Hosting:

1. Small business owner

It’s more difficult for your small business to manage marketing tools e.g. SEO, social media marketing etc. It’s also caused to manage your files and database software. It’s waste your valuable time also. That’s why you should choose managed hosting that can save your money and time also.

2. Those who have limited IT staff

If this website or online activities . is the second part of your business then it’s no need to keep a full time IT expert team to manage your website. It’s totally useless to take adventure within your IT team for this type of small web hosting. So you can choose managed hosting. It will provide full IT features when you need.

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3. High traffic with random UpToDate features

When you run an eCommerce business website or a personal blog- it’s not an issue or your work to keep your hardware and software up to date. For better performance, smooth and flexibility, it needs to keep up to date your website with the latest technology.

4. Who needs full-time back-end developers

If you need random development, a highly skilled IT management team is a must. Back-end development means who works backside of your software or website. Sometimes they work with code and develop your website features. So if you realize that, you can choose managed hosting that will play a role as your back-end developers.

Key Features:

  1. Your hardware and software will be updated automatically although you have IT limitations.
  2. Full back-end support in your server.
  3. 24 hours customer support.

Disadvantage: It’s cost-effective.

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Note: A managed hosting service can be a virtual private server or a dedicated server it doesn’t fact. But it will charge extra inside of the traditional hosting pack and you’ll get full IT features what you want.