How to Make $100 a Day- No Investment

How to Make $100 a Day (9 Creative Ways)- No Investment

Now is not the era where people find freelancing because of unemployment. People are now freelancing for their individual independence, for its flexibility.

You can now work with anyone from anywhere in the world at any time.

Freelancing is your demand for your work as an independent. Freelancing can be done offline or online.

Examples may help to understand.

Many people now work in many professions. If you are in another profession without a job – then that is called freelancing.

You can do business, you may have your own small shop, you can do agricultural work, you can teach in your own private establishment. It’s all are freelancing.

That means there is no one here to tell you that- you must have to do this. Here you can work to your own advantage and choice. Basically that’s freelancing.
However since thePROTIK is an online medium, I will not talk about any offline freelancing here. All I will say here is talk about freelancing based online.

How to Make $ 100 a Day Online?

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is blogging where a blogger has a one-time relationship with his host. That means if you are a guest blogger here, then you are a writer on that blog temporarily.

Whatever blog you submit your article under, you will follow all the rules and then submit an article. They may or may not accept your article.

But why do you guest blogging?

The reason is, the blog you submit the article, it will create your own community. From there you can divert traffic to your blog or website.

This will increase the popularity of your website, you will get some more unique new visitors. And if the content quality of your blog is good, then you can use that new traffic randomly.

Besides, one of the great benefits of guest blogging is that you are getting some good backlinks from now on, which will greatly help your SEO.

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Pro Tips: Many of us use various forums, comments as SEO backlink, which is currently badly effective for SEO.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Guest blogging
Advantages of guest blogging Disadvantages of Guest blogging
You can grow your community. Your time and effort are gone.
You are getting new traffic.
Getting a good Backlink.

Getting popular with a new blog will not be so easy. If you write on another popular blog then you can get the result very quickly.

Self Hosted Blog

A blog is where you write something. Now if you have your own hosted blog- then you have to take of it’s all responsibility for yourself.

Note that, you should have a good idea about server maintenance, blog customization, basic backend programming, designing, security, spamming, SEO, marketing, affiliate network and many more.

Blogging can be done for different reasons. If you have your own online store then you can publish your article which is related to that store and you can do marketing of your own store from there.

Or get commissions directly from CPC, CPM ads network.

Or you can get commissions from being a product marketer. Either way you can bring money. But here’s the main point, since the blog is your own, the decision is your own, so the risk and your own also.

Publish Video on YouTube

YouTube is currently the most popular video social networking portal. YouTube’s two biggest features are:

  • Free video hosting or server space and bandwidth provided.
  • Earning directly from google Adsense has an advantage.

You can also promote your own business through YouTube. YouTube is currently the most popular and inexpensive medium by comparing the other traditional video ads network.

Computer Programming

Computer Programming

Computer Programming

At present, computer programming is such a resource that- it doesn’t require to have a degree from a reputed college.

Also, I am a Computer Science Engineer’s student, I can say that – our professor will never be able to put code in your brain. It’s all about your own practice.

It may not take you two to three months to finish the entire programming course. But you have to practice a lot to get the coding skills. This may take some time.

After learning to code you can work as a part-time freelancer in various freelancing marketplaces. Or sell your own small software, theme, plugin in different software marketplace like “Envato“.

There may be many questions related to computer programming – such as which language will be better, what kind of job is more demanding. Those can be discussed detail in next.

Virtual Tutor

You can create a lecture on the topic you are experiencing and sell it for money. One such popular platform is “Udemy”

How to Make $100 a Day- No Investment

How to Make $100 a Day- No Investment

You can also promote it by launching your own course.

Since all communication systems are modern- learning by setting in front of the monitor is more effective than sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecturer.

Here you can sit down to read at any time you like, finish lectures as fast as possible by playing fast forward. Or if you do not understand any topic then you can play it again and again as many times you want to clarify.

Considering all the benefits of the Virtual Tutor is now very popular.

Copywriter Job

It doesn’t actually copy, it will be rewrite. That is, rewrite an article or product description. This rewrite is very popular when it comes to marketing. This will be great for your blogging. Moreover, almost all companies now have demand for their product reviewers, description writer.


Convert any video or audio lecture into a text file.

I know that doing this manually- will be considered stupid by many. Because technology is so advanced that robots can now recognize a human voice.

However, robots will never be compared to humans.

For example, human voice, background voice, conversations between multiple people can be transformed into a 100% correct way by a human transcriber. But a robot can’t.

This kind of work is available in the freelancing marketplace. Only someone with a good grasp of the language can do it.


Currently, almost all businesses aim to do worldwide business. Some languages, such as English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, China, Bangla, Russian, Turkish, need translation in multiple languages.

Not only the language is different, there is a difference between English as well as Asian English, American English and Australian English. So English may also require English translation. At present, almost all the magazines are releasing some of their English versions only for their readers.

So if you have good skills in multiple languages, you can easily work part-time or full-time at such multinational companies.

Graphics Design

The quality of any new product is first checked before its feature image. Graphis the main attraction of almost all marketing campaigns, however it is big or small.

All kinds of video or image editor are in demand in the market. However, as this sector creates a lot of work opportunities, new competitors are also being added.

So to sustain yourself here you must ensure your good skill.


My intention was to highlight some of the popular sectors in this article whereby a freelancer can easily develop a good professional career.

There are thousands of job categories in the Freelancing marketplace. Almost every one of them is in good demand. However, here are some of my favorites.

How to Make $100 a Day- No Investment

How to Make $100 a Day- No Investment

Note that, as the community sector is open right now, many attractive ads may come to you. Seeing the title of the ad would seem to get rich overnight. But in reality is different.

Before coming to get money from anywhere, think about it – why that person or company will give you money!

If you can find the right answer, any task will be easier for you to find.