Why Cloud Hosting Is Better Than Traditional Hosting?

Why Cloud Hosting Is Better Than Traditional Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a kind which system is made with multiple servers and software. Sometimes those servers are located in different locations even in different countries.

The main purpose of cloud hosting is

  • 100% uptime guaranty
  • 95% more speedup with comparing traditional hosting or server

Before starting managed hosting, Let’s clear about the basic fundamentals of web hosting.

A web hosting is a service that allows you to host any files in your server. Why you need to host! That’s because you need to know how the internet works.
Every single computer, mobile or any electric device that has an internet connection is connected with a COMMON wired or wireless connection.
After you host a file in your server or your personal computer and you permit to browse those files in public, anyone can access and view, edit or modify it within your access limit.
A personal computer can’t run 24×7 in 365 days as well. That’s why we choose a supercomputer or server to serve them and confirm almost 100% uptime guaranty.

What is Cloud Hosting?

In cloud hosting, there are multiple servers is connected with a common system or software. In the case of any server sash among any of them, another server will automatically keep backup in that plack.

Why Choose Cloud Hosting?

1. Reliability

Cloud Hosting ensures you 100% uptime guaranty. Without cloud hosting, any computing system can’t provide 100% uptime guaranty because in cloud hosting a group or server will serve you. So there is no possibility of down your website.

2. Load balancing

It will load and balance your traffic automatically. Sometimes the stage of traffic increase or decrease randomly or sequence. In cloud hosting, it will balance automatically by sharing its hardware system. Because in cloud hosting a group of hardware is sharing their activities among them.

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3. Virtual no downtime

There is not a single electronic device that will provide you the guaranty that it will not destroy any time. So while the time of server crash, a backup server will automatically keep working and live your website 24×7 times.

4. Extra security

Data is secure in Cloud Hosting because data is available from other servers when data is deleted due to problems on one server.

5. It will provide you height flexibility by giving you the opportunity to choose an operating system like Linux of Windows.

6. Affordable

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Conclusion: How Works Cloud Hosting

As you know, sometimes those servers are located in different countries- that’s because when a user connected from the UK and another user are from India or China. When the Indian user will respond, the nearest server of that user will automatically connect and speed up a better performance.
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