choose career as a Web Developer

How is Going on to Choose Career as a Web Developer?

At the very first, I will ask you- what do you mean by web development.

You can set up a hosting and install WordPress or other CMS like that… is that all !!

So the correct question is– How is going on to choose Career as a programmer.

Now come to the point.

Programming is not only web development. Web application development is a part of programming like desktop or mobile application development.

How works the internet?

Before starting a website, let’s clear about – how the internet works and how we can see a webpage in our browser.

When you type a URL like that means your browser sends a request to the server. Then the server will respond to the browser and you will see a webpage.

Data Servers

Data Servers

Every single Personal Computer or Mobile is connected to the server with anyhow. This connection may be with wires or wireless.

A webpage has two parts for development:

  1. Front End Development
  2. Back End Development

Front End Development (or Clients Side Development)

This part is fully a static webpage. That means- when you open the source code of a website- you will see three different types of language.

  • HTML
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript

Those languages are used to build a static website. There is no hidden code in here.

HTML is the fresh content of that page like text, image or video. CSS is just applied makeup like a beautician and Javascript used to update a part of the content without reloading the full page. Basically Javascript is used to update or modify a part or webpage without reloading.

Back End Development (or Server Side Development)

Back End Development is used to build a dynamic website. Those languages are very popular for developing a dynamic website.

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Ruby

Here I am not listing top to bottom or bottom to top. I’ll not declare that- this language is better than others. Here I just give an example.

Why I am not listing this language is the top one and that one is number four or something like that. You will be understood in next.

Now see an example of a living room or a restaurant. The kitchen is just like Back End Development that means- food is used to build in that kitchen and serve to the restaurant.

Like that, a kind of programming language is available behind a website that can’t access directly by users but still, they work in back.

Suppose, when you request the payout from ATM, an automated system will verify your identify and receive your request. Then it will give you money. You will give commands by input your information, the machine will verify and you will get cash. But all those processes are hidden. You can’t see how they are verifying your information. You just give them input and they will show you the result. That’s all hidden process are called Back End Works.

Basic Difference Between Static language and Dynamic one:

  • Dynamic Languages support logical conditions but static can’t.
  • The dynamic program can connect with the database easily and make a relationship with other languages.
  • The dynamic program can read, modify, delete, write and create data. But static can’t
  • The dynamic program has its own programming functionality and sometimes it supports user-defined functions also. But static programs like HTML or CSS don’t have this ability.
  • The algorithm can be applied to the dynamic language but Static can’t do this.
  • All dynamic codes are hidden in source code. But it provides more security than any static form.
  • The dynamic program needs the frame of static. Without static from, no program can run as output.
  • Without CSS, a webpage looks nasty
  • The dynamic program can’t fix the layout of a webpage
  • To make a responsive webpage, CSS and Javascript are a must.

Sometimes Javascript works on Back End like Node.JS. It actually executes Javascript and works in Back End. Here I am not listing all the advantages and disadvantages of Node.JS. But the basic pieces of information are needed to index that. Node.JS is an open-source and supports a cross-platform environment for developing server-side applications.

That means, Node.JS is free to use, modify and change source code and can be run multiple computing platforms.

Which Language is Better for Back End Development?

This answer is very complicated and it totally depends on some basic needs that which language is better.  Now all the languages are human-readable. So it doesn’t matter what language you used. Even switching any language is a matter of a week or less than that.

You need to know how a program works, how to implement code in a program to get the best performance with less memory and a short time. If you have those skills, it doesn’t matter which language you used.

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Finally: Which Language is Better for Job?

Job opportunity depends on some basic things.  Your location, experience, skills everything depends on this thing. For making money, it doesn’t need to learn code. A professional graphic designer may be more demandable than a beginner python programmer.

If someone asks you- How much money I can earn in next if  I go to school? What will you answer?

So focus on your works and try to solve problem. Don’t try to become a coder, try to become a problem solver. If you like solving problems, than programming should be your first choice.

If you think that this is the age of computer science and computer program is everywhere so I should learn coding- then you are wrong.

Millions of affiliate marketers are making money without knowing code.

Try to learn how the program works, focus on your skill, spend time to solve the problem.