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thePROTIK Team
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How to Make $100 a Day (9 Creative Ways)- No Investment
Now is not the era where people find freelancing because of unemployment. People are now freelancing for their individual independence, for its flexibility. You can now work with anyone from… Read more
The Pros and Cons of Facebook Marketing (Advantage and Disadvantage)
Facebook marketing is a digital marketing campaign that is used to promote a business in online media. In previous, I was talked about too many resources about Email marketing and… Read more
Basic Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing for Businesses
Social media marketing is a marketing tool that is used to promote something using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin etc. In most cases, Social media marketing (SMM)… Read more
Differences between Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Reseller Hosting
A web hosting is a service that allows you to host any files in your server. Why you need to host! That’s because you need to know how the internet… Read more
Why Cloud Hosting Is Better Than Traditional Hosting?
Cloud hosting is a kind which system is made with multiple servers and software. Sometimes those servers are located in different locations even in different countries. The main purpose of… Read more
Managed Hosting- Advantage, Disadvantage and Key features
In managed hosting, your hosting providers are fully responsible for the day to day management of your hardware and all kinds of software or services of your server.  Before starting… Read more
The Difference Between Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web
At the very first I want to f**k those guys who make me confused about the surface web, the dark web and deep web by sharing unknown interactive pieces of… Read more
How much can you make from PTC sites?
Before getting started with this article, you probably search multiple times- how to make money online, online earning, best online job or something like that. In this article, I will… Read more
How to Choose a Domain Name (Guides before choose domain)
The most important thing before representing your online activities is choosing a perfect domain name. A good domain is needed to target your audiences and also for search engines. Top… Read more